The Positives of a Pandemic?

Published on 21 August 2020 at 14:35
I recently re-read the Little House on the Prairie book series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. One of my favorite quotes from her books is, “There is no great loss without some small gain.” In the books, when a plague of grasshoppers destroyed the family’s wheat field, which was a tremendous loss for them, they were thankful that at least they didn’t have to buy feed for their chickens because they were filling up on grasshoppers.
There is no denying it, this pandemic is tragic. We are all well aware of the catastrophic losses that have so far resulted from the current state of the world. The loss of so many lives, jobs, and businesses, the disruption of our former sense of “normal.” The list is endless. I don’t need to spell it out for you; the world is a mess.
However, if there are silver linings to be had, I try to find them and here is what I have come up with.
  • Live video conferences and calls had been around for quite a while prior to this pandemic but their use has definitely sky rocketed this year. It seems funny to me that my family which is scattered all over the country and sometimes the world, never used video calls for birthdays, holidays, or just to stay connected until this pandemic. I have actually become closer with my out-of-state family since this pandemic started, which I see as an unexpected blessing.
  • On a more local level, my immediate family has certainly become closer as well. For two months, my husband was working from home and, of course, my son was home from school. All of that extra time that he was usually away from home during lunch and commuting was well spent playing and bonding with the kids. I love seeing how much closer my husband is with them after those months.


  • Many people have spent more time outside and in nature than they have in many years during this period of social distancing. We’ve tried to spend a bit more time outside as well, but it is difficult during the height of Florida summer. I do miss being able to take the kids to museums, indoor playgrounds, or even the mall without worry. But I’m glad there is a new appreciation for the outdoors and a decrease in traffic pollution. I know of a lot of people who have taken a renewed interest in gardening as well.


    • Hauling small children around with strollers, diaper bags, etc. or finding a sitter can be a real headache. Where has curbside pickup been all my life? Seriously, curbside pickup should have been around long before a pandemic necessitated it. Parenting should have necessitated it! I hope it never goes away after this is all over. Not having to haul my kids in with me to grab a few things from Target: priceless!


    • Also, on the same note, we haven’t been late to church once since we only have to make it to the couch instead of across town. Going to a store, doing groceries, trying to make it to meetings, church, or other gatherings with small children can be a challenge to be sure! I do hope that we will be able to physically attend church again soon, but for the moment, I will appreciate the ease of attending online church in our pajamas.


      • Maybe its the newfound free time that was previously spent at social functions and recreational shopping, but I have noticed a burst of creativity among many people that I know. The start of new YouTube channels, podcasts, writing books, taking up knitting, crocheting, sewing (making those homemade masks, right?), and...getting around to starting a blog. Creativity has also blossomed out of necessity. I have seen such great ideas for creating fun while social distancing.


      • Oh, and we can't forget one of the biggest silver linings of all: if you have something stuck in your teeth, no will see it under your mask.


      Of course, I would much rather have an increase in convenience and creativity without a pandemic to cause it, but I will keep looking for the positive where I can. Because in the words of Winston Churchill, "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference."


      What silver linings have you found?

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      Sue Thom
      4 years ago

      This blog is my silver lining you’re awesome!!! Miss you guys

      4 years ago

      Thank you! Hope to see you soon!

      Amanda canda
      4 years ago

      Super excited to follow your blog! I miss you and look forward to connecting with you here. ♥️

      4 years ago

      Thanks! I miss you too and yes, this is going to be fun!